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Term Dates

Please check with the school for the most up to date information before booking any holidays

Autumn term 2023

Staff Training Day (School Closed): Monday 4th September 2023
Pupil Induction Day 1: Tuesday 5th September 2023 for year 7 and year 12
First Day of term for all other year groups: later start on Wednesday 6th September 2023 beginning with tutorial from 10.25 to 11.45am.
Half term: Thursday 19th October to Tuesday 31st October 2023
End of term: Thursday 21st December 2023
Christmas holiday: Friday 22 December 2023 to Friday 5 January 2024

Spring term 2024

Start of term: Monday 8 January 2024
Half term: Monday 12 February to Friday 16 February 2024
End of term: Thursday 28 March 2024
Easter holiday: Friday 29 March to Friday 12 April 2024

Summer term 2024

Start of term: Monday 15 April 2024
May Day (Bank Holiday): Monday 6 May 2024
Half-term: Monday 27 May to Friday 31 May 2024
On line learning day and Pupil Induction Day 2 for Year 6: Friday 28th June 2024
End of term: Tuesday 23rd July 2024

Autumn term 2024

Staff Training Day (School Closed): Monday 2nd September 2024
Pupil Induction Day: Tuesday 3rd September 2024 for year 7 and enrolment for year 12
All pupils return on: Wednesday 4th September 2024 beginning with tutorial from 10.30 to 11.50am
Staff Training (School Closed): Friday 27th September 
Half term: Monday 28th October to Tuesday 5th November
School Closed: Friday 22nd November
School Closed: Monday 25th November
End of term: Friday 20th December 2024
Christmas holiday: Monday 23rd December 2024 to Friday 3rd January 2025

Spring term 2025

Start of term: Monday 6th January 2025
Half term: Monday 17th February to Friday 21st February 2025
Curriculum Day coinciding with Eid al-Fitr: Monday 31st March 2025
End of term: Friday 4th April 2025
Easter holiday: Monday 7th April to Monday 21st April 2025

Summer term 2025

Start of term: Tuesday 22nd April 2025
May Day (School Closed): Monday 5th May 2025
Half-term: Monday 26th May to Friday 30th May 2025
Summer Curriculum Enrichment Week: 30th June to 4th July 2025
On line learning day and Pupil Induction Day 2 for Year 6: Friday 27th June To be confirmed
End of term: Wednesday 23rd July 2025