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Art & Graphics

At Featherstone High School we offer an exciting, creative and contemporary Art, Craft and Design curriculum which promotes imaginative, independent thinking. Pupils aspire to challenging successful outcomes in Ceramics, Painting, Mixed Media, Printing, Textiles and Graphic Design. 

Graphics and Textiles in Key Stage 3 are taught as part of Design Technology. 

We are a very committed and energetic Department which enjoys excellent Exam results.

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Exam Boards:

A Level Art & Design: Pearson Edexcel

GCSE Art: Pearson Edexcel

Art & Design Statement of Intent

“Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results.” ― John Dewey 

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” – Pablo Picasso 

“A man paints with his brains and not with his hands.” – Michelangelo 

In Art and Design we aim to equip our students with the Visual Language of Making Creatively to the highest level from KS3 all the way to KS5. We inspire and challenge pupils with the knowledge and skills to experiment, investigate and produce a wide and exciting breath of Art and Graphic forms which include: Painting, Drawing, Textiles, Ceramics and Printing, Adobe Photoshop. We aim to teach pupils to be inspired from a diverse ranges of visual sources throughout history. This includes Artists, Crafts persons to Architecture, Ancient history and other Cultures to develop their knowledge and understanding of how Art permeates through history, culture and society. This knowledge will endeavour to fuel their imaginations and personal outcomes. As pupils progress through the curriculum they will develop a more rigorous understanding of Art and design and creatively reflect on their work, refine skills to create Art work of very high standard. 

We celebrate the Cultural Capital of Art with a wide range of enriching activities from Art and Graphics clubs to Trips to Museums Galleries and Kew Gardens. We work with Artists form AIR (Artists in Residence) to enrich and enliven our subject. We promote British Values of inclusion and celebration of diversity and work within the local community. At KS5 pupils are encouraged to explore themes of Identity and Culture to best understand their own personal journey into adulthood and make very personal visual responses to themes that have significance to them. 

At KS3 pupils make an accelerated progress in Art and Design covering key topics such as Myself where they are taught the 8 visual elements and a wide range of subject disciplines to ensure that all pupils have been given the opportunity to experience a full breath of art from painting, textiles, ceramics to printing to Adobe Photoshop. POS have literacy and Maths seamlessly embedded while the work is both challenging yet carefully scaffolded so all can access. 

At KS4 we use the exam board Pearson, we have developed a culture of Challenge. Pupils explore themes and concepts introduced at KS3. For example, pupils return to 3D ceramic clay vessels to explore this more rigorously before designing and making large scale Clay pots. FHS5 is embedded into the teaching and learning to best empower our pupils to design and create their own Art work. Students are stretched and inspired by the KS5 pupils who deliver workshops in EG etching and offer pupils advice to our KS4 pupils on how to best develop themes to refine skills from painting to printing. 

At KS5 pupils study Pearson’s A level Art and Design board. Pupils’ skills and understanding of concepts and honed and pupils produced exciting and vibrant sketchbooks and artwork. This reflects the broad and deep understanding of the contextual links interweaved to their themes. Many of our pupils have gone on to study Art Foundation and Art Degrees. While others’ have gone on to follow an academic path pursuing Degrees in Law to English Literature to Medicine. 

Graphics Statement of Intent

“Design is thinking made visual.” – Saul Bass. 

In Graphic Design we aim to provide students with the opportunity to use their creativity and imagination to problem-solve within a variety of subject themes. We strive to challenge and inspire students to create designs that fulfil a brief, whilst also considering environmental factors, sustainable materials and wider global issues. We set tasks that create outcomes that serve a purpose and meet a rationale. Students acquire a broad range of skills in Graphic Design with close links to disciplines such as mathematics, art, geography, science, computing and literacy.  

Students are encouraged to take risks and challenge conceptions, work in the role of being a designer and imagine different design scenarios to create outcomes. We expect our students to problem solve, specify their intentions, realising their ideas into an outcome and reflect on the journey in the process. In KS3 to KS4 students consider demographics, current market trends and issues to create design ideas that motivate, serve a purpose and follow a design structure.  Students also develop key skills in drawing, sketching, printing, mixed media, 3D products and computer design.  

At KS4 we use the exam board Edexcel for Design Communication. Building on skills attained in KS3, students are encouraged to be reflective and conscientious. Students explore work from past and present designers to existing products to inform their ideas such as - branding, logos, skateboard designs, cultural designs, mixed media advertising, clothing, posters and product design. Students learn a variety of techniques from Photoshop, InDesign and other digital packages to the rudiments of sketching out their ideas, technical drawing, printing, mixed media and so much more. Students can work more independently to challenge and explore themes; they return to previous skills and build upon their subject knowledge. 

We expect students to explore their design work, to show creativity, to use their imagination and to take creative risks. Students discover how to be resourceful and develop critical understanding of the ways in which design can impact everyday life and change the world. Students explore how we are surrounded by design in our daily environment from watching movies, animations, navigating through a space, products that we use to the clothes that we wear. Students are provided with real life situations and scenarios to challenge and expand their imagination to create designs and outcomes that are innovative, relevant and exciting.  

Art & Graphics Learning Journeys 

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