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Timetabled Enrichment

Timetabled enrichment and personal development

Welcome to our enrichment subjects & personal development page. We have introduced additional, timetabled enrichment subjects for our younger students (Key Stage 3). We run Enterprise, IT Skills and Humanities (alongside Computer Science and Geography and History). We want to give them additional skills to help them for the future and also broaden their horizons with this new curriculum offer. 


Students in Year 8 are learning Enterprise as a subject once a fortnight to develop key skills of teamwork, creativity, problem solving, financial literacy and presentation skills. Each term students take part in a specific challenge. This term students are taking part in the coffee cup challenge when they are designing a new coffee cup as part of branding and promotion for a new cafe. Students have worked in small teams to design the new cup & logo, put together marketing campaigns identifying their target market to present their ideas to the rest of the class. The subject allows us to offer an ambitious, rich and broad curriculum to our students.

Enterprise Programme of Study

Enterprise Learning Journey

IT Skills

In our Year 7 ICT curriculum, we are committed to fostering cultural capital by offering students unique opportunities to engage with diverse perspectives and backgrounds. By introducing them to interesting individuals from various cultures, we empower pupils to explore and appreciate a rich tapestry of human experiences. The platform for this exploration is through the creation of PowerPoint presentations, a dynamic and creative medium that requires a synthesis of multiple skills. Through this project, students not only enhance their technical proficiency in using ICT tools but also develop research, communication, and critical thinking skills. Crafting compelling presentations about individuals from different cultural backgrounds not only enriches their understanding of the world but also encourages a broader appreciation for diversity. This approach aligns with our educational philosophy, recognising the importance of cultural capital in preparing students for a globalized and interconnected future.

IT Skills Programme of Study

IT Skills Learning Journey


In Year 9 students have been taking part in Humanities. Through partaking in the course, the students are enriching their cultural capital by engaging with the History, Geography and religious beliefs of diverse cultures through a decolonised lens. The aim of this course is to challenge misconceptions about different global cultures, encourage anti-racism and foster a sense of empowerment within the students. Year 9 have really enjoyed taking part in the enrichment and have found it rather thought provoking.

Humanities Programme of Study

Humanities Learning Journey