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Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education – including RSHE - is a planned programme of learning opportunities and experiences that help children and young people grow and develop as individuals and as members of families and of social and economic communities. We believe it to be particularly essential to our young people, growing up in a diverse part of London, to be safe, resilient and equipped with the knowledge to live productive and fulfilled lives. PSHE is so important for students as it equips them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to live healthy, safe and responsible lives and to be successful in work. We cover all statutory elements of relationship, sex and health education in every year, because we intend for students to, first and foremost, be safe and behave safely. We teach with respect for British Values (manifested through our Featherstone Values) and the equity and respect of all students including those with protected characteristics. 

The programme covers topics across 2 main strands – Relationships and Health and Wellbeing, and we follow a spiral curriculum where students study different aspects of each topic in every year group, building up their knowledge as they progress through high school. Through this curriculum, we cover Relationship and Sex & Health Education (RSHE) with a focus on consent and respectful/anti-prejudicial behaviour, Healthy Lifestyles, Mental Health, First Aid Anti-Grooming and Navigating Media (including social media) to name a few example of spiralled topics. We have a strong focus on anti-prejudice and safe relationships throughout, including abuse of technology such as inappropriate images and harassment. This is because our approach is tailored to needs arising locally, including contextual safeguarding elements. Our SOL are flexible, with sequencing of lessons paused or lessons taught out-of-sequence should circumstances require us to do so to promote student safety and wellbeing. 

Within the programme we also offer extensive opportunities to become involved in the student voice of the school, through committees, the school and year councils, and a wide range of fundraising opportunities. We also celebrate the success of our students across all school activities through the highly valued Jack Petchey Achievement Awards. 

The Citizenship aspect of the programme is taught with careers, non-fiction literacy and reflective SACRE tasks during registration. It covers, using a spiralled approach all of the statutory political, legal and economic functions of society and to have the social and moral awareness needed to make their own decisions and to become active members of their local, national and global community. 




PSHE Programme of Study