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Behaviour for Learning

Behaviour and Discipline

As a highly inclusive school, we have high regard for the educational progress, personal development and the well-being of every pupil. Effective teaching and learning can only take place within an orderly atmosphere and environment. Where instances of unacceptable behaviour occur intervention will be swift, supportive, intelligent and effective. This intervention will protect the interests of the majority whilst aiming to change the behaviour of those causing the difficulties.

The school is committed to ensuring that there is an ethos of praise and rewards but recognises that clarity is vital when dealing with transgression to our school rules. Child protection and safeguarding procedures are in place to provide a safe, secure and supportive learning environment.  Positive behaviour in school is based on respect, fairness, equality of opportunity and social inclusion.

The school expects these values to be the core principles underpinning the Behaviour Policy. Please visit our school policy page to see the Behaviour Policy at Featherstone High.

Click here to view our 3 Rs poster. 


Featherstone High School has a system of rewards which aims to motivate and encourage pupils. This is an important aspect of the ethos of the school in that the achievements and successes of pupils, at whatever level, are noted and given due worth. This helps to build upon individual self-confidence and self-esteem and leads to further personal development.

We believe that, if pupils are to benefit from education, punctuality, regular attendance and good behaviour are crucial and we, as a school, will do all we can to reward such positive attitudes.

Featherstone High School will give a high priority to recognising and rewarding success involving pupils and parents in ‘striving for excellence’.