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Careers & Work Related Learning

Here is our Employer Prospectus.

This brochure outlines the key careers events planned for the current academic year. If you are interested in volunteering for any of these, or would like to discuss other ways of engaging with your future work force please do get in touch.

Andrew Webb
Careers Leader


Please visit our policy page and download our Careers & Employability Policy which details our provision for each year group. 


What is Work-Related Learning?

Learning about work, for work, through work. Work Related Learning is an umbrella term for planned programmes of activities and qualifications that help pupils make an effective transition from school to work.

This includes:

Employers working in schools
Pupils learning in the workplace
Work-Related qualifications and key skills for pupils
Career planning for pupils
Enterprise Education

Work Related Learning is now a statutory requirement for all pupils at key stage 4.

We deliver activities in close partnership with the business community, which develop young people’s understanding of the world of work and enhance their employability skills. Education Business Services International (EBSI) helps to develop the partnership between our school and businesses in our Borough.

Have a look at our PSHE page to see where work related learning fits in.

Work Experience

Following GCSE exams all Year 11 students are invited to participate in a 2 week work experience placement.

In Year 12 all pupils take part in a 1 week work experience placement. All pupils are also strongly encouraged to plan their own work experience during school holidays. This is especially important for those who are keen to study Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Science at University.  Many companies now offer virtual work experiences delivered online

The aim of work experience is:

To get a taster of what the world of work is about.
To help pupils decide on their future career path.
To make pupils more knowledgeable and confident when they apply for jobs.
To find out what is expected of an employee.


Careers Education and Guidance. Shami Bahra, the Connexions Personal Advisor, is in school and available to all pupils to give advice on a wide range of issues specific to their individual needs. The Connexions Advisor is a careers specialist and can offer pupils guidance when planning for their future beyond Featherstone High School.

The Quality in Careers Standard

The Quality in Careers Standard

The school is currently seeking reaccreditation for The Quality in Careers Standard through CSW Investor in Careers, the national quality award for Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) in schools, colleges and work-based learning.

Access to high quality CEIAG provision allows students to have a greater opportunity to broaden their horizons, raise aspirations and help them make the right choices at key transition points.

Parents wanting more information about the reaccreditation or able to support the school’s careers programme through student presentations or work experience should email Andrew Webb, Careers Leader, Mr Webb.

If you have any questions about our careers provision, please get in touch with Mr Webb, Career’s Leader, on the school phone number: 020 8843 0884 or email him on