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Ethos & Values

Our school motto underpins our ethos of partnership in the pursuit of high achievement:

“Together We Achieve”

Our mission statement encapsulates our broad educational aims:

“At FHS each individual will realise and achieve their full potential academically, personally and socially through a rich and varied curriculum, state of the art technology and outstanding teaching and learning. We will inspire all members of our community to become global ambassadors in our increasingly interconnected world.”

Our Core Values

We are a fully inclusive school focused on the needs of each individual; we want all our students to taste success and to be rewarded for that success.

We are a caring community and foster the highest levels of empathy and respect for all members of our community.

We require high standards of behaviour at all times as we know good behaviour is essential for effective learning to take place. We don’t accept any form of bullying, disruption to lessons or rudeness to other members of our community.

As part of our caring attitude, we strive for excellence in all areas and will challenge students appropriately if they don’t meet our high expectations

We are committed to the belief that parents are crucial partners and will keep you regularly informed of progress. It is our expectation that you will support us where there are difficulties and that you will also share in celebrating your son or daughter’s numerous successes during their time with us.

Traditional values of working hard, taking pride in one’s appearance and demonstrating good manners are, we believe, essential ingredients for success at Featherstone. I know that if we work together there is no limit to what our young people can achieve.

Our School Development Priorities

As a school we have developed our core priorities to make sure that education, behaviour, development and leadership here at Featherstone is of the highest quality. Here is a breakdown:


  • Quality assurance of a sequenced, ambitious curriculum that promotes the development of cultural capital 
  • Implementation of engaging literacy strategy that promotes reading for understanding & enjoyment & high quality oracy skills
  • Development of inclusive assessment & home learning tasks tailored to meet the needs of all learners

Teaching & Learning

  • Development of quality formative assessment practices
  • Embedding The Featherstone Way for Teaching & Learning, Book presentation & Learning Environments
  • High quality, impactful feedback and marking for all students that progresses their learning (GPOP)
  • Rigorous focus on the progress of disadvantaged students (SEN, PP, LAC, EAL)

Behaviour & Attitudes

  • Implement a Therapeutic Thinking approach to support restorative practices
  • Strong focus on rewards linked to school values
  • Prioritising preventative and mentoring work
  • Pastoral Leaders’ understanding of student needs leads to timely information being shared to support all learners

Personal Development

  • To ensure the highly effective implementation & quality assurance of revised PSHE programme that meets the needs of all learners
  • Development & quality assurance of morning tutorial periods to ensure high quality delivery & impact of the personal development programme

Leadership & Management

  • To focus on staff wellbeing, making necessary adjustments to ensure high quality support for all staff
  • To develop leadership opportunities at all levels
  • To establish a high quality SEND resource base
  • To establish an equality & diversity strategy

Our whole school community is expected to model and promote our values to help sustain and maintain our positive behaviour culture.

Our 6 FHS values are our core guiding principles that drive our behaviour expectations and behaviour for learning culture at FHS. They influence our everyday practices and relationships with others. The 6 FHS values have been carefully chosen by discussions with students and staff at FHS.

Care: We should always show kindness and concern to everyone in and around our school, including the school environment.

Respect: We should always be polite, courteous and patient towards everyone, and be proud of all our abilities, qualities, and achievements.

Challenge: We should aspire to reach our full potential even in difficult situations.

Resilience: We should always strive for the best, ensure that we never give up and that we also support each other to recover quickly from any difficulties.

Partnership: We should strive to have positive relationships and co-operate with all our peers, teachers, parents and local community in order to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Inclusion: We should ensure that we provide fair access to opportunities for all, value everyone’s input and celebrate diversity.