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Reading Info For Students

Welcome to our Reading page. Here you can find reading lists for all different year groups and the latest Reading Newsletters produced by our Librarians. Please scroll down for attachments.

Developing and Supporting Readers at Featherstone High School

There is a significant focus on the development of reading across Featherstone High School. Acknowledging the importance of students learning to read so that they can then read to learn, a number of provisions and interventions have been implemented to support the development of the reading skills of all students, including our SEND and EAL students. To ensure the development of the reading skills of all our readers, all students in Years 7 - 13 sat the New Group Reading Test and Spelling Test (NGRST).

Reading Buddies

This is a peer support programme where year 10 and 12 students use their leadership skills to support younger students in year 8 reading for pleasure and to develop their reading skills.  This takes place in the main school Library every Tuesday-Friday during morning tutorial time. The volunteers are provided with training and use this to help their buddy develop their reading skills.

Bedrock Learning

A digital learning programme that supports students developing their grammar and vocabulary skills. All students in Years 7 and 8 attend Bedrock sessions on a rotation during morning tutorial time, supported by their form tutors. Students can also log in from home and complete lessons which are 15-20 minutes long. The programme enables students’ progress to be tracked over time.

'Read Write Inc.': THE Fresh Start Phonics Programme

This is a targeted synthetic phonics programme targeted at students who are well below expected age for reading. A group of 74 students Years 7, 8 and 9 receive phonics support to help them read between twice and three times a week through small group intervention. The programme is delivered by specialist staff in the SEN department.

Reading for Pleasure & Empowerment

Acknowledging the importance of reading for pleasure and empowerment, the school this year has organised the following:

  • Reading rota during morning tutorial time - for students to read and discuss current affairs articles supported by their teachers using either First News or Advanced Picture News

  • ‘Book chat’ during Year 9 morning tutorial time and library lessons - to support students in the informal chatting about books to help increase their interest and develop their reading skills

  • Collaboration with the Science Department - to help celebrate Science Week through a science reading cafe event in the main school library

  • A book fair in the main school library - to introduce students to new books and promote reading for pleasure

  • Wonderful world of words festival - to celebrate reading for pleasure and empowerment through a wide variety of workshops and other events during lunch time and after school

  • Author visits - resulting in a writing workshop by the author for selected students.