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Physical Education is taught at KS3, KS4 and KS5. Students cover a range of activities from athletics to leadership. In every year group there is an opportunity to develop skills in physical activities as well as experiencing difficult roles. There is an opportunity for students to use different equipment such as trampolines.

Students are given the option to study GCSE PE at KS4 and BTEC Level 3 Sport at KS5.

Exam Boards:

BTEC Level 3 Sport: Pearson Edexcel

GCSE PE: Pearson Edexcel

Statement of Intent

Physical Education Curriculum Aims and Intention

The PE Department have a desire to achieve physical, mental and social well‐being through the medium of physical activity. We see PE as being an integral part of having lifelong health through participation in Physical Education. When our pupils join in year 7 there is a wide variation in KS2 experiences from pupil to pupil. What we aim to do is develop opportunities for all so as all students can remain involved in some form of physical activity to KS5 and beyond. We aim to deliver the curriculum in a fun and engaging way so that pupils have positive experiences in Sport. The rationale behind our approach is that pupils who enjoy sport and understand the key benefits are more likely to continue with exercise and activity long after they leave school and start a profession.

Our core KS3 curriculum provides between 6 and 7 activities spread on rotation throughout the year ensuring that pupils have access to the best facilities and equipment at every opportunity. Pupils are assessed to allow progression throughout years 7 and 8 and into KS4. Our KS4 curriculum reflects the need for lifelong learning by incorporating elements of leadership and officiating so that pupils may become confident and self-sufficient through a ‘games for understanding’ approach. Teachers have the flexibility within the curriculum to adapt and modify the activities they teach to better suit the pupils they are teaching and in years 11 and 6th form pupils can choose the activity that best suits them.

Our key values are:

  • providing healthy competition
  • living a healthy lifestyle
  • developing motor‐skills
  • gaining leadership skills.
  • learning how to work as part of a team.
  • learning how to communicate effectively.
  • co‐operating with others.
  • being Resilient

We use the prescribed curriculum from Pearson for GCSE/BTEC at KS4 and 5, as it is designed with a strong theoretical element and suits learners with a desire to follow a career path in sport or exercise science whether this is from a coaching aspect or an academic aspect. Our department uses the Physical Education curriculum to help pupils recognise their own skills and abilities, thus allowing for development of their own interests and aspirations. With the use of industry contacts we are able to signpost students to resources, work experience and courses related to these careers.

In Physical Education we deliver a KS4 programme of study, ensuring all our students have the opportunity to participate in an induction year. This introduces them to the curriculum demands and shows them how previous learning from a range of physical activities and their own life experiences can contribute towards their learning within PE. We as a department strive to encompass all our students’ abilities inclusive of EAL and SEND students. Our SEND students are supported with differentiated work and support on google classroom and Firefly. Without this critical additional year at KS4 our students would not be able to acquire the high levels of subject themed academic literacy and oracy that is a fundamental requirement for them to deepen and broaden their subject knowledge and understanding in PE.

The curriculum intends all our students to become:

Successful learners, who acquire subject specific knowledge and skills that allow them to produce outstanding work in many forms of assessment. This framework of analysis stands them in good stead for their careers and future life as learners.

Confident and resilient individuals who are able to meet the challenges of an increasingly changing social environment. Continuously leading safe, healthy and fulfilling lives; and making successful transition to employment, training, further and higher education.

Healthy active individuals who understand the importance of being active and how exercise can keep them stay physically and emotionally fit.

The rationale in Physical Education:

Developing a rich body of knowledge and a deep understanding of Physical Education concepts across the entire PE curriculum, simultaneously allowing for the growth of cultural capital through extensive enrichment opportunities.

Equipping each learner with the cultural capital to become a “well rounded individual” with positive British values and attitudes that ensure their physical and emotional well-being.

Stretching every learner to achieve their best by promoting a culture of self-belief through providing clear explanations and models to scaffold learning; and targeting questioning and feedback to improve learning outcomes.

PE Learning Journeys

PE Learning Journeys

Key Stages 3, 4 & 5
Year 7 – 13

Year 10 & 11

Programme of Study

KS3 Physical Education