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Mathematics is taught at KS3, GCSE and as option at A Level. Students are encouraged to become confident, independent thinkers and problem solvers who can then creatively approach challenges with the necessary language to pose questions and the necessary skills to find answers.

Students will learn to analyse, solve problems, discover solutions and make connections within the broad areas of the subject. Students are encouraged to develop logical processes, become functional in their use of maths and are able to think independently in applied and abstract ways. Students will experience that mathematics is an international language and over time develop means of solving problems and enjoy maths for its own sake.

Exam Boards:

A Level Maths: Pearson Edexcel
A Level Further Maths: Pearson Edexcel

GCSE Maths: Pearson Edexcel

Statement of Intent

Our objective at FHS is to teach every learner to the top. Throughout key stages 3, 4 and 5, our aim is to develop students’ mathematical Knowledge and understanding to reason with their curiosity. This is achieved through providing a rational spiral maths curriculum.

At KS3, our aim is to enthuse students with the key skills and application of core methods to allow pupils to become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics. Students will develop procedural fluency within the core building blocks of maths to then enable them to apply these to functional maths problems

At KS4, students further develop their understanding of mathematics by linking skills acquired across interconnected topics allowing them to formulate well-structured solutions to increasingly complex problem-solving tasks as well as being able to make judgements and justify their reasoning.

A level mathematics challenges pupils to gain mastery in the subject through enhancing the breadth and depth of their mathematical knowledge. Students are equipped with conceptual understanding to pursue Mathematics at higher education.

The skills and knowledge established over time at FHS will equip our students for the opportunities, challenges and responsibilities of adult life.

Studying Maths at FHS, we will ensure to provide a foundation for understanding the world, the ability to reason logically, answering curiosity, and instil the appreciation of beauty and passion for our wonderful subject.

Maths Learning Journeys

Programme of Study

KS3 Maths